Cooper Tires Weather-Master S/T 2 Winter Tire

Cooper Tires makes winter weather driving a little easier with their Weather-Master S/T 2 Winter tire. It offers excellent all-weather traction in snow or icy conditions. This premium tire provides a studable design if you need even more traction.

The Cooper Tires Weather-Master S/T 2 is available in many different sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. It is also a fairly quiet riding tire with average handling characteristics.

If you drive on ice and snow then you know firsthand the importance of having a good quality set of tires on your car. These Cooper tires offer you just that and they do it pretty well.


Cooper Tires – Cooper Cobra Radial G/T Performance Tire

The Cooper Tires Cobra Radial G/T Performance Tire is for serious driving enthusiasts who own high performance muscle cars. Featuring a more classic look, Cooper tires has managed to put forth a solid all-season tire.

The Cobra Radial sports raised white lettering and comes in a wide variety of standard and low profile sizes. It has a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty and is designed to give your ride the looks and feel you want in a performance tire.

You can find information on all types of Cooper tires on our blog, as well as find them for your best possible price above. If you own a classic muscle car, this Cobra Radial G/T may be a good option in tires and well worth looking at.


Cooper Tires – Cooper Lifeliner GLS Tire

Cooper Tires has not forgotten about winter weather driving with their complete tire line. The Cooper Lifeliner GLS is an all-season touring tire that is both quiet on the highway, yet built to handle changing weather conditions.

Cooper Tires Lifeliner GLS is moderately priced and works well with vehicles that require an S or T rated replacement tire. It is made for all types of vehicles, both foreign and domestic.

The Cooper Lifeliner GLS also features a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty. If you are looking for a solid all-weather touring tire, this tire from Cooper may be the one for you. It is well worth looking into.


Cooper Tires – Cooper GFE Tire

One of the better rolling tires in the Cooper tires lineup is the Cooper GFE tire. It features an advanced design that lowers the rolling resistance on the highway to improve gas mileage and save you money. That is something we all like the sound of.

The Cooper GFE features a 60,000 mile treadwear guarantee, making it an excellent tire for many years worth of use. It is available in many sizes to fit almost any car or minivan.

The handling capabilities of the Cooper GFE tire are above average, as is wet weather traction. Not as quiet on the road as the CS4, this is still a solid long lasting tire that is worthy of consideration if you are looking for a new set of tires.


Cooper Tires – Cooper CS4 Touring Tire

One of the more quiet and comfortable Cooper tires is their Cooper CS4 Touring Tire. This luxury touring tire provides optimum ride comfort to go with sporty handling and traction in all types of weather conditions.

The Cooper CS4 Touring tire is made for all types of cars, crossovers, SUV's and minivans. It features a very attractive and efficient tread pattern that holds up well in not only dry pavement conditions, but wet as well.

The handling capabilities of Cooper Tires CS4 is just below high performance range. For everyday road use you will not be disappointed. And if you are looking for a quiet highway tire, this CS4 is one of the best.


Cooper Tires – Are They For You?

Cooper Tires has been producing quality tires since 1941. Based out of Findlay, OH, Cooper Tires was started by Cooper Knight and a big supplier in the war effort during WWII. Soon after the war, Cooper Tires really took off in producing tires for all types of vehicles.

Today, Cooper Tires produces passenger tires for all types of cars and trucks. From touring tires designed for highway comfort to high performance tires for muscle cars, you can find the make you want without the confusion.

Cooper Tires also owns the UK's Avon Tyres, which makes tires for motorcycles, racing and road car use. If you are searching for quality tires at an affordable cost, put these tires on your short list to check out further.